Tell Me Something I Don’t Know

Thank God for BuzzFeed. Today was completely uneventful and I had nothing to blog about as recently as 20 minutes ago. But then I found this quiz on BuzzFeed that was so hilarious and informative that I just had to share it.

For the record, I knew going in that, in BuzzFeed’s words, I am not holy enough to receive Communion, but I didn’t know just how un-holy I am. I had no idea that my stance on marriage equality affects my ability to receive Communion. (Although it doesn’t really since I fail on much bigger issues.)

I was surprised that Confession only came up in the discussion after the quiz; when I was in CCD in middle school I was taught that going to Confession regularly was a requirement for receiving Communion. Of course, I haven’t been to Confession since 1994 (when I was in middle school), so I’ve really been a bad Catholic for most of my life.

And while I’m at it, you should know that all of my Confessions are null and void since I didn’t confess one of my sins. (Or, as Senses Fail put it in “Calling All Cars,” “I lied at my very First Confession.”) And knowingly withholding a sin in Confession makes it worthless. Wanna know what the terrible sin I couldn’t confess in Confession was? I used to steal penny candy from the barrels at Super Fresh when I was in second grade. And the best part is that it was right after CCD. And second grade CCD was when we prepared for Confession and Communion. It’s so stupid and kinda funny, but there was no way second grade me was going to tell a priest I did that, especially because our priest back then was awesome and I didn’t want him to think poorly of me.

Until tomorrow.


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