Opening Day Redux

I realized this morning that there was stuff I forgot to include in yesterday’s post. Luckily today was Opening Day for some clubs, so it still works.

I was terribly disappointed in my office. There’s one TV (that I know of ) in the office and it’s in the break room. ESPN was on when I filled my water bottle in the morning, but CNN was on in the afternoon. Didn’t they know it was baseball? I mean, SportsCenter was counting the hours until the Yankees-Red Sox game when I was in the break room, so they should have known. Yet someone chose to watch lurid news on CNN instead of baseball. What is wrong with that person? (I couldn’t put baseball on because I didn’t know where the remote was.)

I did a little shopping after work. I also ditched my button-down because a) it was hot and b) the whole point of wearing a shirsey under my work shirt was that I could ditch the work shirt after work. Some kid said “go Rays” at me while I was walking around the mall in my shirsey and I had to resist the urge to laugh out loud. Not because I found his statement funny (though I did), but because it was so pathetic and kind of anti-climactic. I’d already seen him point me out to his sister (he physically pointed; it was rude) so I figured he was going to do something. And then his “go Rays” was little more than a whisper and he waited until after he and his sister had passed me to say it. I was like, “have the courage of your convictions, kid.” But he was a young kid, so whatever; I just thought it was funny.

I should really go to bed now because I stayed up too late last night, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to sleep just yet. I’m still pretty wound up from watching the end of Yu Darvish’s near-perfect game. (I’ve never seen a perfect game and I want to. When Doc pitched his I didn’t realize that I could watch every Marlins game on cable.) I felt so bad when Gonzalez’ hit went right through Darvish’s 5-hole. But if you’re going to lose a perfect game with one out to go in the ninth, I think a hit to the pitcher that the pitcher doesn’t field is the best way to do it. At least no one else on the Rangers has to feel guilty for ruining the perfect game.

You guys, it is the second day of the season and we’ve already had a near-perfect game. Is baseball the best or what?

Until tomorrow.


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