How Does This Even Happen?

The grocery store was out of my favorite yogurt (Oikos Greek yogurt) when I stopped after work. What the hell is that about?

And sorry Sweetbay, but your “we apologize and we’re working to get re-stocked” signs bought you no goodwill with me. I went to Sweetbay specifically to get Oikos yogurt because my local Target doesn’t carry it, but it wasn’t there. I felt like Nelson from The Simpsons was laughing at me.

And I realize that my middle-class privilege is on full display right now (how dare this store not have one of the 80 Greek yogurt brands in stock), but this is a customer relations issue. Sweetbay just closed a bunch of stores in the Tampa area; they should be doing everything they can to stay on the good side of the customers they still have. And not having a popular item (especially something trendy like Greek yogurt) is the opposite of that.

Am I going to stop at Sweetbay after work tomorrow to look for my Oikos yogurt? Hell no. I’ll go without yogurt for a few days rather than subject myself to the (hated) grocery store after my crappy commute after nine hours of utter boredom at work.

So good job all around, Sweetbay. If I didn’t really love Oikos yogurt and really hate Publix I would never come back.

Until tomorrow.


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