I’m A Dummy

And I can prove it.

I put a lot of work in last night and got my 300+ unread emails done to 10 or so. So what did I do today? I completely ignored my inboxes so my unread email count has jumped back up to 40+. Why did I ignore my email tonight? I have no idea. And I know that half of the emails will be junk (ads and whatnot) that I can just delete, yet I chose to ignore the email. Three hundred unread emails, here I come.

Plus, I really should have gotten in the shower an hour ago. But I didn’t; I chose to play on the Internet for an hour and then, suddenly, it was 11. And I don’t want to take a shower at 11, so I have to go to bed now so that I don’t want to kill myself when my alarm goes off at 5. (And this dumb decision looks even worse when one considers that the Phillies game was over before 10. Cliff Lee was dealing again tonight. And thank God for that.)

Until tomorrow.


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