Darn You Commercials

Have you seen the new Old Navy commercial with Mr. T?

I hadn’t until I was watching the most recent episode of Hart of Dixie on the CW app on my iPad this morning and that commercial was part of every single commercial break. It was funny the first time I saw it but morphed into annoying by the third time. And yet it really made me want to get some BOGO tee shirts at Old Navy. I’m not kidding. When the episode ended I got up and started gathering my stuff to go to the mall. But then the reminder I’d set for today’s Phillies game went off and I abandoned that plan.

Well, more or less abandoned the plan.

I seriously considered going to the mall after the Phillies game, but when the game ended I didn’t really feel like driving all the way to WestShore Mall (even though they won). And I really, really don’t see myself driving to WestShore Mall after work this week. Why oh why did the Old Navy at University Mall close?? I mean, that mall is a complete piece of shit, but it’s so close to my office.

I mean, I guess I could just buy tee shirts through Old Navy’s website, but the BOGO offer is in store only. Okay, I just checked Old Navy’s website and there are some really cute tees on sale there. Looks like the Mr. T commercial wins and I will be buying some shirts from Old Navy after all.

Until tomorrow.


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