Friday List: What A Week Edition

There’s a lot of really awful stuff in the world, but there’s a lot of really awesome stuff, too. For example, Dzhokar Tsarnaev was captured during the Phillies game and, thanks to Twitter, I was able to stay informed without turning on the news or listening to the Boston police scanner online. That’s pretty darn amazing.

On to the list.

  • I am always going to click links about Mr. Rogers. Always. Everyone needs to remember how awesome Mr. Rogers was, even during normal weeks when we haven’t seen his quote about looking for helpers on every social media platform, and it turns out he was even more awesome than I we thought.
  • The Phillie Phanatic’s birthday celebration is this weekend and this chronology from is pretty awesome. I had no idea that the Phanatic ever hung out with Captain Noah, but that is the coolest thing ever. And as soon as I saw the picture of the Phanatic and Captain Noah I got the “Send your pictures to dear old Captain Noah” song in my head.
  • Speaking of birthdays, it was David Tennant’s birthday yesterday. And I heart him. And so, it would appear, does BuzzFeed. You’ve got good taste, BuzzFeed.
  • In lieu of cuteness this week we have a GIF of Joe Biden. And it’s set to “Return of the Mack.” And listening to “Return of the Mack” led me down a 90s hip hop rabbit hole in Spotify. And it was awesome. So, really, I’m giving you a chance to start your own 90s hip hop dance party and that’s actually better than some cute animal video. Right?

I feel like this entry is really positive, which is pretty remarkable when one considers how negative the rest of my entries this week have been. I think this is a good sign.

Until tomorrow.


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