Love Your Mother

Happy Earth Day!

I don’t know about you guys, but Earth Day kinda makes me sad. It’s the one day a year when I look back at how gung-ho I used to be about saving the planet and 12-year-old me shakes her head in disgust at how I live now. I live somewhere that doesn’t recycle, you guys. I didn’t even know such things happened in the 21st century, but this is the second place I’ve lived in Florida that doesn’t offer any sort of recycling. It bums me out that recycling isn’t available here, but I haven’t done anything to try to change that (which is why 12-year-old me is so disgusted).

My parents have curbside recycling, so I try to save my recyclables up and take them to my parents’ house. But sometimes I just throw them out because it’s easier. I feel bad about throwing glass bottles away, but at least I try to be green most of the time. That counts for something, right?

Until tomorrow.


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