Month: April 2013

Why Would You Admit To That?

My cousin added her hometown to Facebook today. (I know this because Facebook all but screamed it at me.) I cannot fathom why anyone would choose to do that. Ever.

Don’t misread; I can understand in the abstract why a person would want to add his or her hometown to Facebook. My problem is in understanding why anyone (let alone one of my blood relatives) would want to tell the world that he or she grew up in this particular town. (Admittedly, I’m pretty sure that I have more hatred for the town than the rest of my family put together, but even adjusting for my bias doesn’t change the fact that the town is a shithole.)

And the fact that my cousin added her hometown to Facebook isn’t even the most shocking thing I saw there today. No, that honor goes to the over 2,000 people who liked the shithole town on Facebook. That made me sad and angry and disgusted all at once.

Also, you can like random, crappy towns on Facebook now? What is that about? In a way it does kind of speak to the ubiquity of the Internet, though. Not 20 years ago people were making impassioned speeches at the school board meetings in the shithole town arguing that the district shouldn’t waste money on “newfangled fads and gadgets like computers.” (That is an honest to God thing that a person said in the 1990s.) And now someone put the shithole town on Facebook. (Also, it should be noted that the person was arguing that the district should use grant money it had gotten specifically to buy computers on stuff other than computers. I am not lying when I call the town a shithole.)

Until tomorrow.


Love Your Mother

Happy Earth Day!

I don’t know about you guys, but Earth Day kinda makes me sad. It’s the one day a year when I look back at how gung-ho I used to be about saving the planet and 12-year-old me shakes her head in disgust at how I live now. I live somewhere that doesn’t recycle, you guys. I didn’t even know such things happened in the 21st century, but this is the second place I’ve lived in Florida that doesn’t offer any sort of recycling. It bums me out that recycling isn’t available here, but I haven’t done anything to try to change that (which is why 12-year-old me is so disgusted).

My parents have curbside recycling, so I try to save my recyclables up and take them to my parents’ house. But sometimes I just throw them out because it’s easier. I feel bad about throwing glass bottles away, but at least I try to be green most of the time. That counts for something, right?

Until tomorrow.

Oh Well

I never actually went to Target today, so I need to conserve the battery on my iPad since it’s also my alarm clock. Luckily I didn’t really have anything to blog about today anyway 🙂

Until tomorrow.

Aww Man

I decided to come up to my parents’ house for the weekend. About an hour ago I realized that I left all three (3!) of my Lightning to USB cables at my house. That is kind of a problem, especially since my parents have no Lightning to USB cables and my devices’ batteries are at 33% and 71%.

Looks like I’m going to Target tomorrow.

And you know what really sucks? This is the second time in four months that I left my Apple-supplied Lightning to USB cables at home. I have a third cable because I bought it at Target earlier this year. How do I keep forgetting the damn cable(s)?

Until tomorrow.

Friday List: What A Week Edition

There’s a lot of really awful stuff in the world, but there’s a lot of really awesome stuff, too. For example, Dzhokar Tsarnaev was captured during the Phillies game and, thanks to Twitter, I was able to stay informed without turning on the news or listening to the Boston police scanner online. That’s pretty darn amazing.

On to the list.

  • I am always going to click links about Mr. Rogers. Always. Everyone needs to remember how awesome Mr. Rogers was, even during normal weeks when we haven’t seen his quote about looking for helpers on every social media platform, and it turns out he was even more awesome than I we thought.
  • The Phillie Phanatic’s birthday celebration is this weekend and this chronology from is pretty awesome. I had no idea that the Phanatic ever hung out with Captain Noah, but that is the coolest thing ever. And as soon as I saw the picture of the Phanatic and Captain Noah I got the “Send your pictures to dear old Captain Noah” song in my head.
  • Speaking of birthdays, it was David Tennant’s birthday yesterday. And I heart him. And so, it would appear, does BuzzFeed. You’ve got good taste, BuzzFeed.
  • In lieu of cuteness this week we have a GIF of Joe Biden. And it’s set to “Return of the Mack.” And listening to “Return of the Mack” led me down a 90s hip hop rabbit hole in Spotify. And it was awesome. So, really, I’m giving you a chance to start your own 90s hip hop dance party and that’s actually better than some cute animal video. Right?

I feel like this entry is really positive, which is pretty remarkable when one considers how negative the rest of my entries this week have been. I think this is a good sign.

Until tomorrow.

This Is A First

I think I’ve mentioned my issues with vinegar before, but if I haven’t the smell of vinegar makes me nauseous and I’m really sensitive to it. It’s a really fun combination, lemme tell ya. And it has never led to anything good for me. Until today.

When I got back from lunch I smelled vinegar. Near my desk. And it wasn’t a faint hint of vinegar either; it smelled like someone had spilled a bottle of vinegar a couple of feet away. I tried to power through and get back to work, but all I could concentrate on was the vinegar smell and how sick I felt. So I went to my boss and asked if I could work from home for the rest of the day (my work computer is a laptop after all) because of the vinegar thing. And she said I should just go home and not even worry about it.

Wasn’t that nice of her?

So the vinegar thing still sucks, but today it sucked a little less than usual.

Until tomorrow.

An Update

I’ve been listening to a lot of old episodes of the Up & In podcast at work (literally the best thing about my workday). There was a recurring “feature” wherein Jason would update the listeners on his mental state. Consider this a quick update on my mental state.

I did not quit my job today even though I fully intended to when I left my house this morning. I basically had two options: quit or do the thing I’d been dreading. And even though I would’ve preferred quitting I just couldn’t do it when push came to shove. So I did the thing I’d been dreading (and there is no way I will ever tell you what it was). It took over an hour to psych myself up before I could start (mostly in the form of berating myself for being such a spineless loser, which may not have been the most helpful approach) and I nearly broke down in tears a couple of times, but I did it. And it really wasn’t that bad. But I am not looking forward to doing it again tomorrow.

So my mental state is better than it was yesterday (even if the Phillies did lose two games in five hours). But not so good that I felt any motivation to make a lunch for tomorrow. Fast food, here I come.

Until tomorrow.