Unlike yesterday, I know that I wasted today. I stayed in bed for way too long (only getting up because I suddenly felt like crap). I didn’t touch my laundry or my email or anything else that needed my attention. Basically, all I did today was play games on my iPad and watch baseball.

It’s nice that I enjoyed myself today but I really should’ve taken advantage of my day off.

I kind of think my lack of productivity is the rain’s fault. It rained off and on all day today and the sound of rain has always made me want to just stay in bed. I can’t tell you how many college classes I skipped because it was raining when I woke up and I decided to just go back to sleep instead. Even now I know that I should have taken a shower when the Phillies game ended. But it was (and still is) raining and I didn’t feel like it. And I know I’m going to hate myself when my alarm goes off tomorrow morning, but I can’t help it. The only good thing about my rain-induced sleepiness is that reading is the only activity I have energy for, so I’m going to take advantage of that right now.

Until tomorrow.


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