It Might Be Working

I’m kinda tired, so I’m gonna go to bed rather than read the hundred pages left in my book. Even though I really want to read those hundred pages. That’s acting like a grown-up, right?

I’m afraid that if I keep thinking about it I’ll change my mind and keep reading, so I’d better stop.

Until tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “It Might Be Working

  1. i wish i shared your dedication to reading!! trying to focus more often, just get sidetracked and have a bad habit of not returning to books lol

    1. Thanks! I wasn’t reading as much as I would’ve liked for years, which is why I decided to make a point of reading more. There are downsides too, though, like staying up way too late because I just don’t want to stop reading, which led to a wonky sleep schedule that I still haven’t corrected.

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