Link Dump

I know that the Phillies game ended, like, 7 hours ago, but it’s still consuming me. I mean, my God, to hit back-to-back home runs off Aroldis Chapman? Inconceivable! But it totally happened.

I had a feeling that the Phillies would find a way to win the game in the top of the 8th inning (I don’t remember when exactly, but probably when I saw Broxton warming up in the Reds bullpen). Even after Cliff Lee got picked off I still thought they’d win.

This post from Zoo With Roy is even more appropriate after Kratz’s game-tying heroics today. Also, watch the Godshall’s Quality Meats commercials starring Kratz if you haven’t seen them yet.

Finally, this GIF from The Fightins makes me laugh every single time. It’s completely ridiculous and Papelbon didn’t appear in today’s game, but I don’t care; it’s too good not to share.

Until tomorrow.

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