Oh Fudge

I was pleased to find out that the Boy Scouts of America finally lifted its ban on gay scouts. (But not gay leaders? C’mon, BSA.) But then something horrible happened. The Phillies decided to have Michael Martinez take Chase Utley’s roster spot while Utley is on the DL. I remember how happy everyone was when Mini-Mart was (finally) bumped from the 40-man late last year. I was super happy. I mean, I knew he was still at AAA, but I thought I’d never have to see him in a Phillies uniform ever again. But I guess that was just asking too much. I know that Mini can play second, but so can several other guys currently on the big league roster (including Freddy Galvis, who really ought to get most of the starts there while Utley’s hurt). Why not bring up Darin Ruf instead? He’s already on the 40-man and at the very least he can DH in Boston next week.

Grr, this makes me cranky. If only I hadn’t checked Twitter a while ago I would be blissfully ignorant of this crappy news.

Until tomorrow.


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