Friday List: Graduation Edition

It’s graduation season (and I don’t have a job and my competition has increased and I am so screwed – moving on) and lots of bloggers are writing advice for the class of 2013. I’m not, though, because I don’t have any advice to give. Instead, I’m compiling a list of pieces I found amusing and/or helpful. Seriously, I wish someone had told me some of this stuff when I graduated.

  • First, from everyone’s favorite cartoon penguin, we have Zoo With Roy’s post. Much as I generally love ZWR, I hate him for referencing that damn “Sunscreen” song/spoken word piece/whatever that for some ungodly reason received significant radio airplay when I was in high school or college. (I hate it so much that I’ve repressed when it came out.) Other than that, though, I enjoyed the post and thought there was some actual, good advice included, especially the part about living with your parents as long as possible. I lived with my parents for years and, even though it could suck sometimes, it is the reason I have been able to live in my own house even though I’ve been basically unemployed for 2.5 years.
  • From Deadspin, we have Drew Magary’s post. It was posted last week so I’m a little late, but there’s some good stuff in it. Drew’s advice is the stuff that I most wish someone had told me: be reckless, fuck up a little, and travel. (For the love of God, why did no one tell me to travel after graduation??)
  • From Jezebel, we have Katie J.M. Baker’s post. What really caught my eye in the post was the last paragraph in the “Don’t create drama. Create stuff.” section. I may not be filling my days with Wife Swap marathons, but I am filling them with my own brand of idleness and, y’know what, ignoring my problem isn’t making it go away and is making it more stressful.
  • Finally, we have Lifehacker’s post-college survival guide. There’s a ton of useful information in the post and I will definitely be returning to it a lot now that I’ve inspired myself to work on my damn job hunt.

Until tomorrow.


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