Random Thought

I’m going to see Star Trek Into Darkness tomorrow. I’m pretty excited. I watched part of Star Trek this afternoon in anticipation and I realized that I’m so used to seeing Chris Hemsworth with long hair that I barely recognize him as Kirk’s father. I said as much to my parents and my mom refused to believe that he was the same guy who plays Thor, so I guess I may be on to something.

In other news, why the hell did an Of Monsters and Men song pop into my head just now? (And it’s not even “Little Talks;” it’s “King and Lionheart.”) Fun fact: I liked them when “Little Talks” came out but then it got overplayed and I bought their record when it was on sale at Amazon but only listened to it once because it was, like, the never-ending record. Now I mostly change the channel whenever the radio subjects me to them, but somehow I learned some of the words and melody to “King and Lionheart.” But the last thing I listened to was Metallica, for crying out loud. Why is the DJ in my head subjecting me to crap? I’d better listen to some The Neighbourhood or Bastille or Cayucas or some other alt rock band that hasn’t upset me yet ASAP.

Until tomorrow.

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