All’s Well That Ends Well

So my personal cheerleader finally received the package I shipped to her. And it only took 15 days. So glad I paid 18 bucks for that. (I am seriously considering asking UPS for a refund since they did screw me over.) Also, really stoked that no one at UPS ever bothered to inform me that they’d found the package. It’s not like I’m the sucker who paid them to ship it or anything.

I’m still angry because that’s more or less my default setting, but I have to give UPS credit. They cared that the package wasn’t delivered (after I persuaded them that, yes, I know your system says it was delivered, but my friend doesn’t have it). They offered me an option to deal with their mistake. And, hell, they rectified the situation. (I would really love to know where the package was for the last 10 days, though.)

So to recap: don’t ship anything ever, but if you must, use UPS. I mean, I suppose you could use FedEx (they haven’t screwed me over yet), but I have an irrational dislike of them.

Thus concludes the saga of shipping. I hope to God that I never have to blog about shipping ever again.

Until tomorrow.

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