I realized that I have nine (9!) different kinds of ice cream in my house. I had this realization while eating my third ice cream bar of the day. I’m clearly a grown-up.

Other things I ate today: three Wawa pretzels and a large Wawa caramel cream smoothie (which was insanely delicious, by the by). That’s pretty much it. When you combine that with the two naps of unknown length I took this afternoon I am the grown-up-iest grown-up that ever lived.

In other news, today is the third anniversary of Roy Halladay’s perfect game. I am always going to regret not watching that game. I didn’t have MLB.tv back then, but I had FoxSports Florida, which broadcasts all Marlins games. Of course, I didn’t realize that at the time, but that’s no excuse. Judging by how nervous I got watching several plays on that video – even though I knew what was going to happen – I probably would’ve stressed myself the hell out if I’d watched that game live. Hell, I remember how nervous I was watching Doc’s no-hitter in the NLDS; to this day my heart races when I watch footage of the last out of that game.

Until tomorrow.

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