Big Time Crack-Smoker

No, I’m not talking about the mayor of Toronto (allegedly). I’m talking about the DJ in my head.

I have a long-standing joke with my personal cheerleader that the DJ in my head must be a crackhead because of the random (and sometimes downright bizarre) songs that get stuck in my head. Today was a pretty good example of this (except for the fact that I no longer remember any of the songs that were stuck in my head except for an Abba song). I promise there was some weird stuff, though.

Strangely, the song that’s currently stuck in my head makes perfect sense. It’s “We Used to Be Friends” by the Dandy Warhols. (You know, the Veronica Mars theme song.) And it popped into my head after I unintentionally said the chorus aloud while deciding to approve a Facebook friend request from someone I went to high school with. She and I actually were friends and, well, you know how the song goes.

And now I have some dumb Third Eye Blind song that I heard on Lithium this morning in my head. I don’t like most Third Eye Blind songs, but at least I know why it’s in my head.

Until tomorrow.

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