Laughing Out Loud

You’ve heard about the shore town in New Jersey that wants to ban sagging pants, yes? It cracks me the hell up. Mostly because I’m very familiar with Wildwood, the town in question. My family has been going there for, like, 25 years.

(Side note: I couldn’t decide if I should link to the AP’s story or Jezebel’s. The picture accompanying the AP story is so the Wildwood boardwalk. But Jezebel used one of my favorite clips from Clueless. And I’m expected to choose between the two of them? I don’t think so.)

I think my favorite thing about the story (other than the sheer ridiculousness of it) is the mayor’s assertion that people are telling him that after 20-40 years of going to Wildwood they can no longer bring themselves to subject their kids, parents, and/or grandparents to saggy-pants-wearing youth and will choose a different shore town. Where have these people been for the past 20 years? The sagging pants thing started in the friggin’ 90s (hello, Clueless!). And who singles out saggy pants as the straw that broke the camel’s back? Trust me, there are hundreds of annoying and/or gross things about Wildwood; dudes in saggy pants doesn’t crack the top 10. It wouldn’t even crack the top 10 if we were in some bizarro world where pants are only sagged in Wildwood, New Jersey.

Keep doing you, Wildwood. Keep doing you.

Until tomorrow.


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