I spent time cleaning up my Gmail account today. I noticed that almost every message I looked at was tagged something stupid, like Updates, even though I hadn’t told Gmail to tag my messages. (I actually had to untag every message while adding the tag I actually wanted.) In fact, I don’t remember Gmail notifying me that it wanted to tag my messages for me, let alone asking for permission to do so (there’s that whole opt-in issue from yesterday again).

I get that this isn’t really a big deal (even if I do use tags in Gmail but, y’know, tags I created), but it’s not the first time Gmail has introduced a stupid new feature by applying it to accounts – I still hate the little yellow Important notification. And I know that I have control issues, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable of me to want to control the look and feel of my own damn email account.

I haven’t looked to see if I can turn these things off yet, mostly since I find Gmail’s settings page unhelpful and annoying. I have to assume that such a setting exists, however, because I don’t think Google is that big of an asshole. Maybe I’ll look tomorrow when I’m not so tired. (I actually woke up before my alarm today. Can you believe it?)

Until tomorrow.

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