It’s So Weird

It seems the moron whose name is similar to mine is once again unable to provide people with her (I’m assuming it’s a her) correct email address. If it sounds like I’m judging her, that’s because I am! I’ve started getting weird emails that are not for me again and it’s creepy.

Plus, the emails are from really weird organizations. It was bad enough when I was getting receipts for purchases I didn’t make. (By the by, neither retailer ever gave me a better answer than “hit the unsubscribe link in the email.” Bastards.) Now I’m getting emails about my expressed interest in volunteer opportunities in some city (I try not to read the emails because I don’t want to know too much about the moron), which would be fine if I’d ever expressed interest in volunteering there. And last night I got a message from some sort of Australian tax entity about an online query the moron made. And that tax thing just takes the cake. I mean, of all things not to triple-check your email address on, a foreign tax question!? Conceivably the moron needs the answer to the tax question.

It just occurred to me that I probably ended up on the NRA’s mailing list because the moron is some sort of gun nut. Actually, that would explain a bunch of weird mailing lists I’m on; either someone hates me (not inconceivable, but doubtful) or the moron is incapable of spelling her own Goddamn email address.

And it’s not just annoying and weird; it’s creepy. I mean, the tax thing especially made me wonder if someone stole my identity. (This is more upsetting because I have to wait, like, nine months until I can check my free annual credit reports again.) But I have to believe that no one would be dumb enough to steal my identity and then make sure I get weird emails to make me suspect identity theft. No one’s that dumb, right?

As if I needed extra stress on top my impending birthday and my lack of a job and my impending student loan payments ($600 a month – I am fucked). Yay!

Until tomorrow.


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