Modified For TV

I watched Ghostbusters this evening because there was no Phillies game and I felt like watching Ghostbusters. I love that movie; I watched it a lot growing up. But I was watching an edited for (non-cable) TV version that we’d taped. (Yes, taped; I’m talking VCRs here.)

I still remember the first time I saw the unedited version of Ghostbusters; it wasn’t all that long ago. Watching the DVD I’d given my Dad for some holiday, several things made sense for the first time ever. The biggest thing was the scene in the mayor’s office where the Ghostbusters refer to the EPA jerk as “dickless.” I’m pretty sure our taped version just blanked out both instances of “dick” in the dialogue and it just didn’t make sense. (Obviously an unedited version of that scene wouldn’t have made sense to me when I was little because I was super sheltered, but it would’ve been nice if I’d understood that scene before I was in my late twenties.)

And then, of course, there was a scene that I’d never seen before: Ray’s ghostly blow job dream sequence. That was a surprise to me. And, y’know, not really the best thing to watch with your parents. (Yes, I realize that I am almost 33 years old [fuck!], but I will never not be uncomfortable watching sex scenes with my parents.)

Anyways, I need to read and paint my nails before I go to bed, so I should go do those things.

Until tomorrow.

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