Happy Birthday To Me

So today didn’t completely suck, which was unexpected. (Perhaps I should expect the worst on my birthday every year.) I mean, my head wasn’t the best place to be, but nothing really terrible happened.

Hell, something fucking awesome happened. Yay Kevin Frandsen walk-off home run! That was not unlike Jim Thome’s walk-off on my cousin’s birthday (tomorrow) last year. I didn’t see it live because we were in the midst of what was, technically, my birthday party and it felt rude to watch baseball on my iPad. I happened to check Gameday just as the Mets tied it up (I couldn’t completely ignore a baseball game in progress), but the next time I looked the game was over. Yay!!

Plus and also, Much Ado About Nothing was phenomenal. I’d never read or seen the play before but I was able to follow the story. And it was wonderful to see so many beloved Whedonverse actors in one film. The scenes with Nathan Fillion and Tom Lenk, for example, felt like a police procedural starring Captain Hammer and Andrew and that’s not a bad thing. I knew going in that Amy Acker and Alexis Denisof were playing an eventual couple, but I had not anticipated that the scenes with Beatrice and Benedick would make me feel feelings. I realized that it had more to do with Fred and Wesley than Beatrice and Benedick. Still, it made me cry (in a good way).

Until tomorrow.


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