Oh Just Stop

I’m currently watching the Phillies on my iPad (I’m still at my parents’ house). It’s the top of the fourth and I have come to one very important conclusion: Microsoft desperately wants baseball fans’ money.

I’m not kidding. I’ve been subjected to two Microsoft commercials, one for Windows 8 Tablets and one for Bing, every break. Every. Single. Break. (Side note: I miss the days when there were no commercials when I watched baseball on my iPad.) At least the Bing commercial that uses “Anything You Can Do” is kind of cute. But, sorry Microsoft, I will not use Bing (and the more you advertise it, the less likely I am to use it) and I really won’t buy a Windows 8 Tablet.

I have to wonder at the efficacy of subjecting the viewer to the same commercial 15 or so times in a three-hour period. Like, maybe the first time you see the commercial you’re interested in buying or trying the product advertised, but by the 15th time you must have changed your mind. Right?

And here’s the best part: I started seeing these Microsoft commercials on Saturday. And they got old on Saturday. And I didn’t even watch the whole game because of my birthday celebration.

So, yeah, please stop trying so hard, Microsoft. You look pretty desperate.

Until tomorrow.

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