No Time Like The Present

Do you ever think that it might have been better to have been born in a different time period? I don’t. As much as the world sucks (and believe you me, I think the world really sucks – this is a large part of the reason why I don’t want kids), it’s still better than any time in history.

I don’t know about you, but I like (dare I say love) indoor plumbing. I like being able to travel large distances in relatively short times. I love that I can carry thousands of songs in my pocket. See? Now is awesome.

Furthermore, as I woman, now is so much better than then. I love that I have the right to vote. I love that I was educated (even if my grad school student loans are weighing heavily on me).

I was thinking of this earlier when I was watching the Phillies game on and staying updated on Wendy Davis’ filibuster through Twitter. The technology we have is amazing; that one woman is willing to stand up for the reproductive rights of Texas women is amazing. In short, I’m grateful I’m alive in the 21st century.

Until tomorrow.

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