Friday List: Whoops Edition

I wanted to post this before the Phillies game started, but I got distracted by BuzzFeed. I love BuzzFeed, but it’s as bad as YouTube for losing time. On the plus side, I now have more than two items for my list. Yay 🙂

  • Those animated Taiwanese news stories are the best, right? Have you seen the one about Wendy Davis’ filibuster yet?
  • Now, on to BuzzFeed. First, let’s give some love to dachshund puppies. I don’t actually have a favorite breed of puppy (or dog, for that matter); I just love pictures of cute puppies and dogs.
  • Second, remember 20 songs from 2004. I remember most of those songs. And there’s a couple that I remember the video more than the song. Is that weird? And thanks, BuzzFeed, for reminding me just how much I loved Hoobastank in 2004. Wait, no, the opposite of that. (I really did love Hoobastank, though; I’m not kidding.) And I’ve got that Eamon song in my head now. Yep.
  • Finally, 21 life lessons from Summer Roberts. I love Summer Roberts, man. And now I want to re-watch The O.C. again. This is not necessarily a bad thing.

Until tomorrow.


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