It’s Back

My insomnia is so back, you guys. Aren’t I lucky?

Or maybe it’s not insomnia. Maybe it’s all The O.C.‘s fault. Stay with me. Every time I decide to listen to episodes of The O.C. when I go to bed I have sleep issues. Yet I keep doing it, like, once a year. I just hope it doesn’t last for the whole series because I only just started. I mean, the Kickoff Carnival episode from the first season was playing when I finally fell asleep last night (it was also the third episode I’d listened to).

You know what? I think it’s actually insomnia and this thing with The O.C. is just a coincidence. You know what else? I can’t wait to spend the next three hours tossing and turning, desperately wanting to fall asleep.

(Did I just put a Better Than Ezra song in your head? Good.)

Until tomorrow.


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