For Real This Time

Back in May I claimed that the saga of the package I sent to my personal cheerleader via UPS was finished, but it wasn’t. Yes, she got the package, but the saga didn’t end until I finally got my refund earlier this week.

Tell me if this makes sense. I shipped the package via the UPS Store. UPS said it was delivered even though it wasn’t. I called UPS and they told me I had to have the UPS Store open an investigation. The investigation was successful (miracle of miracles!) and the package was finally delivered but I decided I wanted a refund because they screwed up. I called UPS and they told me I had to go to the UPS Store for a refund because I’d shipped it via the UPS Store. I went to the UPS Store after work and was told that the only guy with authority to do refunds wasn’t in, so I begrudgingly gave them my phone number. The refund guy called me and said that they couldn’t just reverse the charge on my credit card (which is what I wanted); no, they had to have “Corporate” (read: UPS) send me a check. And then it took several weeks for the check to be mailed to me.

I just can’t get over how circuitous the whole thing was. UPS told me that they couldn’t issue my refund even they my eventual refund came from UPS.

Here’s the other thing I can’t get over: they shortchanged me. They only refunded my “shipping costs” and not the $1.20 “fuel surcharge” I was originally charged. Really?? You’re a multi-national shipping company and you’re going to nickel and dime customers over bullshit fees? And not just any customers, but customers who are already mad at you? (Generally, people who want refunds are people who are angry about one thing or another.) I was so mad when I saw the check that I wanted to go back to the UPS Store to demand a full refund. But I’m not going to; I just don’t have the energy to fight them anymore. So good job, UPS; you successfully shafted an unemployed person. Go fuck yourself.

Until tomorrow.

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