You’re No Wawa

Wawa isn’t the only convenience store chain moving to the Tampa area; there’s also a chain called Thorntons, one of which just opened near my house.

I stopped at that Thorntons on my way home from Five Guys on Thursday. I needed gas and I was hoping they’d have some cut-up watermelon or something (I wanted watermelon, but almost any type of fruit would’ve been acceptable).

I have no complaints about Thorntons as a gas station. In fact, it’s the first gas station I’ve ever been to that has Flex Fuel, so good job, Thorntons. But as a convenience store it was awful. Awful, I say. It was cramped and kind of dark. It had almost nothing in the way of fresh food (and no fruit of any kind). It didn’t even have a decent selection of TastyKakes. It reminded me of the Sunoco near my parents’ house in PA only with the added smell of grilled meats. And I like hot dogs, but that smell was a little much.

I’m glad I went to Thorntons because I was curious about it, but I won’t be going back unless I’m desperate for gas.

Until tomorrow.


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