That’s Just Great

I don’t know if you guys picked up on this or not, but I didn’t work (haven’t worked?) this month. This is because no one told me to go to work. That’s how temping works, right?

Well, I got an hilarious email from my friend at the temp agency on Friday. She wanted to know when I was next scheduled to work for [company name redacted]. I about died laughing. Here I was thinking that it was her job to determine my schedule, not mine. I said as much (in a nice way) in my reply.

On the one hand, I feel better knowing that the assholes at [company name redacted] are just as bad at informing the temp agency of stuff as they are at informing me. But on the other hand, I’m kind of upset that my friend at the temp agency isn’t being particularly proactive about this situation. She’s the one who negotiated this weird work placement after all.

As if I needed another stupid, frustrating thing in my life. Blah.

Until tomorrow.

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