So Disappointed

I had a peach smoothie from Wawa today. It was…underwhelming (hence the disappointment). It had a strong peach flavor, which I look for in peach-flavored foods, but it tasted like canned peaches rather than fresh. It was a little too sweet (and there is nothing sadder to me than finding a food that is too sweet).

You know who used to have an awesome peach-flavored beverage? Chick-fil-A. Their peach milkshake was the best. But I don’t even know if they offer it anymore. I stopped paying attention to their seasonal offerings when I decided that I didn’t want to give my money to proud homophobes.

In case you haven’t picked up on it yet, I love peaches. They’re my favorite fruit. I’ve been buying three peaches every time I get groceries, but somehow the third one keeps growing mold or something before I can eat it. It’s so frustrating, especially because none of them have been more than three days old. Maybe I should stop buying three peaches at once.

Until tomorrow.

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