Maybe That Is The Problem

A while ago I surmised that I wasn’t actually suffering from insomnia but that my sleeplessness was caused by my decision to listen to episodes of The O.C. while trying to fall asleep. I was mostly joking, but I may have been on to something.

I’ve been at my parents’ house for the past week and have had no trouble falling asleep. (I still stay up too late and never want to get out of bed, but I’ve never blamed those things on insomnia.) I brought my O.C. box set with me, but my laptop refuses to play the DVDs (stupid laptop). As a result, I’ve been listening to The Host, which I have a digital copy of, when I go to bed.

Obviously this isn’t the only difference between sleeping at my house and sleeping at my parents’ house, but it’s interesting. I wonder what will happen when I go home tomorrow.

Until tomorrow.

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