This is my 600th blog post. That is completely and totally bonkers to me. It would be completely and totally bonkers to me even if I weren’t distracted by my stupid laptop being stupid (oddly enough, when I click the iTunes logo in the Start menu I want iTunes to open).

I hadn’t even realized this was my 600th post until I logged in to WordPress to write a different post. (There is a rant bouncing around in my head.) It’s probably good that I didn’t know there was a big round number coming up, though, or else I might have read a bunch of old posts; I’m not sure if my emotional state could handle a trip down memory lane right now.

That being said, however, I am glad I started this blog for school and that I decided to make it a personal blog and start posting every day (whether I had anything to say or not). It amuses me when I go back and re-read posts (but no more than three or four at a time). I hope it amuses you, too.

Until tomorrow.


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