It’s Getting Worse

For the second day in a row I got out of bed at 5 AM because I was wide awake due to not having slept at all. I spent the only two productive hours of my day (from 5 to 7) cleaning my inboxes and listening to (vinyl) records. I was so exhausted after those strenuous two hours that I spent the rest of the day on my couch.

The only real difference between yesterday and today is that instead of taking one ill-advised nap I took two. The first one started at 9-something in the morning. I took a nap at 9-something in the morning! Granted, I’d been out of bed for four hours (and awake since my last nap ended at 11 PM), but it just feels so wrong to take a three-hour nap at 9 AM. At least my second nap (which ended at 9 PM) was only an hour long.

This is not a good pattern, but I don’t see it ending any time soon. Awesome.

Until tomorrow.


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