Month In Review: July

I’m not really feeling up to this so I’m going to be really short.

  • Read every day. Yes.
  • Blog every day. Yes.
  • Exercise every day. Fuck no.
  • Brush my teeth twice every day. No.
  • Break out of my comfort zone. Fuck no.

See, short.

In other news, I actually slept last night. I probably fell asleep sometime around 1 AM (at least, I think that’s when I went to bed); all I really know is that I fell asleep quickly. This is all good, right? Now for the bad: I was so happy to be asleep when my alarm went off that I hit the snooze button. And continued to do so for a couple of hours. And eventually must have accidentally turned my alarm off at which point I fell asleep and didn’t wake up until 2 PM.

Everything sucks and is awful.

Until tomorrow.


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