I realized today that school supplies are my kryptonite; I’m powerless before a sale on school supplies I don’t need. I probably shouldn’t have gone to Target while a) school supplies are on sale and b) it’s back-to-school sales tax amnesty time. (That back-to-school sales tax amnesty thing was a new one for me when I moved to Florida. But I don’t get why it’s the first weekend in August; that seems too early to me.)

The cashier at Target assumed I was buying school supplies (for the record, it was just notebooks and pens) for my kid. I didn’t feel like explaining that, no, I was buying 50 cent notebooks for myself. I mean, you can never have too many notebooks or pens. You can’t. So I got 4 notebooks and 26 multi-colored pens for eight bucks. And, sure, that’s eight bucks I shouldn’t have spent, but it’s the price of one month of Netflix and I just (literally just) cancelled my Netflix subscription so it all evens out. Right?

Until tomorrow.

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