California, Here We Come

I would like to think that when I decided to start listening to The O.C. at bedtime it was because I knew on some subconscious level that the show’s 10th anniversary was fast approaching. But really it’s just dumb luck that has me about to start season three tonight, which just so happens to be the 10th anniversary of the pilot. I would’ve sworn that the show started earlier in the summer, but I’m willing to take the word of Josh Schwartz, various cast members, and various entertainment publications.

There’s a bunch of great The O.C. anniversary stuff on the Web today, and I’ll link to that in a second, but I think my favorite thing wasn’t celebratory; it was Chris Gorham’s jokingly bitter tweets about Jake 2.0‘s demise. I’m still bummed out about Jake 2.0‘s short life as well, so I feel Gorham’s pain. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I didn’t watch the first season of The O.C. when it aired; I thought it looked stupid. Let’s face it, teen soaps were never really my thing; I was far more interested in Jake 2.0. But I caught a couple of new episodes of The O.C. that aired during the dead zone around Christmas and New Year’s and I liked what I saw (surprisingly). I started watching The O.C. when Angel was showing a rerun. Then when Angel got cancelled I blamed The O.C. and stopped watching it. At one point during the summer of ’04, though, I Netflixed the first season (sadly I no longer remember what prompted me to do that) and fell in love with the show. When season two premiered, I was watching. And I kept watching, even in the worst parts of season three, and I was rewarded with season four (which is my second favorite season of the show).

On to the links:

  • Josh Schwartz tweeted the link to the show’s very first commercial. I had two thoughts while watching it: first, I totally get why I had no interest in the show and second, I love that Lifehouse song that starts at 0:15. (Not enough to remember the name of it – Spotify reminds me that it’s “Spin” – but enough to recognize the artist immediately.)
  • E! Online lists the 10 greatest things the show gave us.
  • Zap2it lists 10 ways it shaped today’s TV.
  • Entertainment Weekly has a where are they now feature with a twist: it discusses the actors’ careers but also gives Josh Schwartz’s take on where each character is now.
  • Warming Glow has its own link dump, which includes some stuff I’m not listing here because I haven’t read it yet.
  • Finally, Vulture has a 50 question quiz. I did much better on the quiz than I’d expected, probably as a result of all the episodes I watched thanks to my insomnia. My insomnia was good for something. Yay!

One last The O.C. anecdote before I go: I have a friend who could not care less about music. She is literally incapable of naming more than five bands. (I am using “literally” correctly because several of us once asked her to name as many bands as she could and she got stumped after five.) So imagine my shock the day I got into her car and found The Killers’ first record, Hot Fuss (this was in 2004 or 2005). She explained that she’d seen them on The O.C. and recognized (and liked) a couple of the songs they played. I was amazed at the power of The O.C.: it made my friend buy a CD. Shocking.

Until tomorrow.


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