So I mailed back my last Netflix (possibly) ever today. I’ve had a Netflix account since, like, 2004 and I never thought I’d cancel my membership (and I had a queue of over 200 titles to prove it). But since Bright House insists on charging me 50 bucks a month just for the Internet (and not RoadRunner high-speed Internet, but regular old cable Internet) I had to try to save extra money somewhere and that somewhere turned out to be my Netflix subscription.

Of course, I cancelled my Netflix subscription last month, but after I’d already been charged for August. And rather than just refund me a pro-rated portion of the fee (which I’d expected them to do) like normal people they kept my account active for the month and just told me to return all DVDs by September 8, which shouldn’t be a problem. Y’know, Hulu Plus did that same “we can’t refund any of your money” thing when I cancelled that account. It’s so stupid. I mean, I cancelled because I wanted my money back, not because I wanted to keep the account until the next billing period. And I didn’t expect all of my money back in the middle of a billing cycle, but I don’t think that a pro-rated refund was too much to expect. Bastards.

When I started this post I was sad that I was no longer a Netflix customer and now I’m mad at Bright House (as per usual), Netflix, and Hulu Plus. Whoops.

Until tomorrow.


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