Chip Kelly The Best

I had fun watching the Eagles play football tonight. I didn’t know that was allowed anymore. Of course, now I’m trying to figure out if I gave myself this headache by yelling at the TV or if it’s the return of my headache from before the game. (Yes, I was yelling at the TV; yelling at the TV is part of the fun of football.)

The first half of the game was obviously more fun than the second half, but a win is a win is a win. Plus, if the Birds keep this up (and find a way to run the Chip Kelly offense for the whole game) I’m fairly certain that this won’t be the only national Eagles game this season. And you know what that means: more yelling at the TV 🙂

The only downside to the Eagles’ win is that now I have to do laundry since I decided that the Eagles t-shirt I’m wearing is my official lucky Eagles shirt. Must wear it on Sunday whether I get to watch the game or not.

I am liking the Chip Kelly Era thus far. Keep it up, boys.

Until tomorrow.


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