I always forget how much I hate Facebook on 9/11 until 9/11 rolls around. So many people liking so many “patriotic” pictures (most of which have been around for ages). So much treacly patriotism. It’s the worst. If you were affected by 9/11 or you have a story to tell then by all means do so, but if not then don’t try to prove yourself a better patriot than me by liking pictures or sharing other people’s sob stories. You know what I did on Facebook today? I wrote a happy birthday message on my brother’s wall. That’s it. I don’t need to prove that I remember a thing that happened 12 years ago.

Twitter is worse in that I saw so much casual, virulent racism thanks to FanSince09’s retweet binges. (At least none of my Facebook friends were dumb enough to be racists on Facebook, so there’s that.) I also saw some treacly patriotism, but the sentiment didn’t stick thanks to the #NeverFroget that was appended to all of those tweets (another FS09 retweet binge that was less upsetting).

Also, why is today called Patriot Day? Is it because 9/11/01 is responsible for the passage of the (horrible, horrible) USA PATRIOT Act? I mean, Pearl Harbor Day doesn’t have some fancy “patriotic” name. Blah.

Until tomorrow.

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