Is it weird that I was really excited about the release of iOS 7 and iTunes Radio today? Because I was.

I’ve been waiting for what seems like years for Apple to release a music streaming service, so I’m glad they finally have. And iTunes Radio has a big advantage over Spotify in that iTunes Radio isn’t suggesting stuff to me based on what was popular when I was in high school. Seriously Spotify, what the hell? I don’t remember telling Spotify when I was in high school and it isn’t connected to my Facebook account, so how the hell does it know when I was in high school? It’s creepy.

I only updated my iPad to iOS 7 so far, but I like it. It’s so pretty. I can only imagine how much more I’ll like it on my iPhone. My favorite feature thus far (which I only just discovered) is that the Videos app is now aware of all the movies, TV shows, and music videos I own and not just the ones I’ve synced to the iPad. Even better, music videos I stream from iCloud play just as well as ones on my iPad, which I tested by streaming Silverchair’s “Straight Lines” and playing Brand New’s “Sic Transit Gloria…Glory Fades.” (The Silverchair video made me wonder what Daniel Johns was up to, but Wikipedia was inconclusive.)

The only issue I’ve had with iOS 7 so far is that a bunch of pictures that I’d deleted are suddenly back in the Photos app. This isn’t a big deal on my iPad, but is terrifying to contemplate on my iPhone. I’m afraid I’m going to have to do a lot of deleting (again).

Basically, though, I am happy with iOS 7 and iTunes Radio. They even made tonight’s Phillies loss easier to take.

Until tomorrow.


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