Suck It, National Media

You know what’s funny? Every single national sports writer and talking head assured me that Eagles fans, classless louts that they are, would boo the ever loving shit out of Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb tonight. Every single fucking one of them was sure of it; it was a fait accompli. After all, these people[‘s grandparents] booed Santa Claus, they are and were incapable of appreciating the good thing they had in Big Red and Five.

But do you know what happened tonight? Those very same classless Eagles fans gave both Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb standing ovations. Maybe, just maybe, it’s [well past] time to retire the “Philly sports fans are the worst” narrative.

Fly, Eagles, fly.

(Yes, I wrote this after tonight’s ugly game, but that doesn’t mean that video isn’t awesome. It makes me feel feelings, you guys. And it makes my point far more eloquently than I ever could.)

Until tomorrow.

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