A Slightly Late Friday List

I won’t get this posted on Friday because I was busy watching Shakespeare on PBS, as one does. It was a British production of Richard II that was beautifully done (and I say that as someone who knew next to nothing about the play before tonight). I hope I remember to watch Henry IV, Part 1 next Friday. But enough about Shakespeare, on with the list 🙂

  • Long live Pope Francis I. Seriously, if he keeps this up I may become an un-lapsed Catholic. But probably not, though, because I still really hate going to Mass. At the very least, these sorts of statements will really fuck with my parents’ heads, which is kind of awesome. (Does that make me a bad person?)
  • I can’t not share things about Clueless. I can’t. Especially when it’s as awesome as BuzzFeed’s idea of what Cher’s Instagram feed would look like.
  • Have I ever told you guys how much I love Cookie Monster? Because I do. So imagine my joy at this video in which he recreates movie scenes.
  • I love the American Authors song “Best Day of My Life.” Love it. Hell, I loved it when it was in an otherwise annoying Lowes commercial (maybe Home Depot, I can’t remember) that I saw during every commercial break on MLB.tv at the beginning of the season. (Incidentally, I must say that I love American Authors’ debut EP and it’s only five bucks at iTunes, so you should totally get it.) I also love English bulldogs, which makes the “Best Day of My Life” music video pretty much the best thing ever.
  • Brand New just played five shows. Five whole shows! One of those shows was Riot Fest Chicago, where Jesse Lacey was joined by Andy Hull for “Play Crack the Sky.” Swoon. (Brand New linked to a different YouTube video of the same performance that actually includes the entire song, but I am boycotting that video because the person who shot it kept their phone in portrait mode. Stop shooting iPhone videos in portrait mode! It’s so stupid.)

Man, do I love parentheses.

Until tomorrow.

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