So, I’ve been thinking about Baby J (that’s my brother’s nickname for his unborn child) a lot lately. And it’s made me think back to the days when my brother, our cousins, and I were little, but the thing is I don’t really remember most of those years beyond what was captured in old photographs. And an inordinate number of those photographs were taken at the beach; there is a lot of photographic evidence of what my parents, grandparents, and aunts and uncles looked like in the early 80s. And man, I do not want there to be a lot of pictures of me at the beach; not the way I look now, anyway.

So Baby J has inspired me to start taking care of myself. I don’t expect to lose 50 pounds before next summer, but I know I can get to a place where I will be comfortable having my picture taken on the beach. (This kid is gonna change the world. Not even born yet and already fucking shit up.)

Until tomorrow.

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