Chores Are Boring

I’ve been washing some of my dishes (the pots and pans) by hand lately. And I’m feeling pretty proud of myself for doing so, too. But I’ve also remembered another thing I hate about my house: the faucet in the kitchen sink can’t be moved. This wouldn’t be a problem if it weren’t set so low, but it is. Thank God I’m double-jointed because otherwise I couldn’t rinse my pots and pans without them hitting parts of the sink, thus making me have to wash those parts again. Stupid, useless sink.

On the plus side, iTunes Radio is finally on Apple TV 🙂 Listening to Brand New radio is much better than listening to the annoying homeowners on the episode of Love It or List It I had on last night. Although it would’ve been better if I’d heard a single Brand New song on Brand New radio. At least Pandora actually plays the artist in question every once in a while (but then again, Pandora isn’t on my Apple TV).

Oh! I almost forgot! I hope tonight’s Agents of SHIELD premiere was successful, because I want to see many more episodes. It made me so happy. And not just because J. August Richards and Ron Glass were in it 🙂 I mean, the hackers-as-bad-guys trope is super boring, but there’s a much more shadowy group of bad guys that I’m much more interested in. And Joss Whedon has a new show on TV! Yay! (By the by, I knew next to nothing about the show – other than the creative minds behind it – before I watched the pilot. I didn’t even watch a single trailer. I like to have as few biases and preconceived ideas about new shows as possible before starting them.)

Until tomorrow.


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