Observations While Doing The Dishes

You can thank the Top 100 Alternative station in iTunes Radio for this.

Every time I hear the new Panic! At the Disco single, “Miss Jackson,” I think it’s a song off the new Fall Out Boy record. I eventually realize it’s Panic!, but it always takes a minute. I seriously wonder if Patrick Stump co-wrote that song, though. Even the vocal sounds like Brendon is doing his best Patrick, which is weird because his voice used to be so distinctive.

I like “Reflektor,” the new Arcade Fire single. Or I would if it ended at the 4:00 mark instead of going on for another 3.5 minutes. I really do like the song’s dance-y, disco vibe, but it’s the rare song that can stay awesome for an entire 7:33. It’s also excessively long for a single. Apparently all musicians need to read this recent Jezebel post.

Apparently some contestant on The Voice covered Coldplay’s “The Scientist” (which is pretty much the only Coldplay song I like). That’s awesome; good for her. But, iTunes, that doesn’t make it alternative. She was singing on The Voice, for cryin’ out loud!

Until tomorrow.

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