Month In Review: September

God, this month sucked. Sucked. Let’s get on with it.

  • Read every day. You betcha. And I finally (finally!) finished Team of Rivals, so yay!
  • Blog every day. Yep. I’m back on track with this, which makes the part of my brain that craves gold stars very excited.
  • Exercise every day. Nope. This is where the gold stars end. I was going to get out of bed and exercise this morning, but then I decided that if Congress wasn’t going to do its job then I could give myself the day off. (This is the way my brain works at 7 AM.) Besides, it seems cleaner to just start fresh in a new month.
  • Brush my teeth twice every day. Nope. I’m starting to wonder if my dislike of brushing and flossing is tied to my all-encompassing hatred of oral healthcare practitioners. It sounds stupid, but I really think there’s a connection.
  • Break out of my comfort zone. Yeah, no. I can’t afford to be paralyzed by my fear any longer, though. (I literally cannot afford it.) I have to sell my house (albatross that it is). I have to get a job. I have to do these things. I am so fucked.

Tonight I learned that the Liz Lemon-inspired flavor of Greek frozen yogurt from Ben & Jerry’s isn’t very good. That makes me sad. (Also, what the hell is the point of Greek frozen yogurt? I know Greek yogurt is creamier than regular yogurt, but regular frozen yogurt is pretty damn creamy. The Greek frozen yogurt didn’t seem any creamier to me.) And then the Rangers had to go and lose to the Rays (stupid Rangers). Quite apart from my regular hatred of the Rays, that team is made up of so many horrible people (seriously, google “Josh Lueke rape”) that it breaks my heart to see them have any success.

And I didn’t even manage to get this posted in September. Everything sucks and is awful.

Until tomorrow.


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