Friday List: One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others Edition

I spent most of the day watching baseball in bed because I didn’t feel well. All the baseball helped, though 🙂 But I can’t help but think that scheduling four games on Friday but only two games each on Saturday and Sunday was a bad move on MLB’s part. I’m not complaining; I just think it’s weird.

  • I hate the Chevy “Strong” commercials. Hate them. I feel like Chevy is very aggressively telling me that their trucks are not for me. (And it’s not like Chevy’s wrong, because I would never buy a Chevy truck. But they don’t have to be such douchey assholes about it.) The original (ridiculously long) commercial is the worst offender, but they’re all bad. At least the Cespedes Family Barbecue remix is funny.
  • Today I learned about the Pomsky: a half Pomeranian, half Husky dog breed. Pomskies look like miniature Huskies and they are so damn cute.
  • These portraits of puppies are adorable.

Until tomorrow.


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