Cut It Out, Commercials

There are two recent commercials that make me feel feelings every time I see them. Every. Single. Time. I even cried the first time I saw each. And this would be okay if they weren’t commercials for gum and beer. Gum and beer! It’s one thing for Hallmark and Google commercials to make me cry; I kind of expect them to. But Extra gum and Guinness? It’s too fucking weird.

Commercials need to stop with this sappy bullshit. Yes, the commercials are memorable and I’m talking about them, but they’re not going to get me to buy Extra or Guinness. (But it’s not because I’m mad at either brand for its sappy commercial; I pretty much only chew Trident gum and I don’t drink beer so I clearly don’t drink Guinness.) So those commercials are actually failures when it comes to the real purpose of commercials (getting the viewer to buy the product advertised).

Until tomorrow.


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