I haven’t said anything about the teams I’m rooting for (or against, as the case may be) in the postseason because of a superstitious belief that I won’t get my wish if I do so. But now that the Braves and Rays have been eliminated I can say how much I’d wanted them to be eliminated. The Braves because fuck them. (NL East rivals are to be hated, especially when they employ the racist Tomahawk Chop.) The Rays because of so many reasons: my longstanding hatred of Florida sports teams, how utterly obnoxious the local news gets when the Rays are in the postseason, my delight at the crushed spirits of the aforementioned local newscasters when the Rays get bounced, how upset I would be if the Rays won a World Series while I was still living here, the sheer number of reprehensible human beings on the Rays’ roster, etc.

I’ve got playoff baseball in my life and things are working out thus far. Life is good.

Until tomorrow.


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