Sometimes I should just stay off Twitter; it can make me so sad. Today I saw a bunch of retweets of people who were mad at Hanley Ramirez (who was scratched from the Dodgers’ game 2 lineup after taking a ball in the ribs yesterday). All of the people being retweeted called Hanley a pussy. A bunch of them also compared him unfavorably to hockey players. Now, I don’t know about those people, but I cannot imagine how much it would hurt to take a 95 MPH fastball in the ribs (or any other body part); I wouldn’t want to do it. The fact that Hanley stayed in game 1 is remarkable to me (especially if he does have a cracked rib). And I don’t think that any athlete should be commended for playing with a serious injury. In fact, I think that macho, play-through-the-pain bullshit needs to be stamped out of sports; players should be encouraged to deal with injuries when they occur rather than later when they become too big to ignore.

A lot of the people retweeted were questioning Hanley’s want. (Obviously there are better ways to do that than calling someone a pussy, but I digress.) They seemed to think that no injury was an acceptable excuse for missing a playoff game. And, no. Just no. If a player is physically unable to swing a baseball bat, then the best thing he can do is sit out. He’s not going to do the team any favors offensively if he is only capable of standing at the plate; nor will he be any help defensively. Those same people would’ve been really damn mad if Hanley had failed to make a play in the infield or if he’d failed to get a clutch hit. But whatever, you just keep telling yourself that Hanley is terrible for not playing through what might be a serious injury. People are the worst.

Until tomorrow.

P.S. I was going to name this post “the world is full of stupid people,” but that put this song in my head and then I thought that “Banditos” was a funnier name. I amuse myself.


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